• How to Be a Good Wife: 20 Qualities of a Husband’s Dream Come True

    The qualities of a good wife in the 2020s are not the same as a good wife in the 1950s. Back then a good wife was said to have dinner on the table when you arrived home from work. She always ensured the children were clean and quiet. She would put her husband’s needs before her own.

    Well, a good wife in the 2020s is quite a bit different. She is independent. She is able and willing and more than capable of working. Plus, she is her own person partnered with a husband, not owned by him.




















    A woman can do a lot of things to be a good wife today, but none of those things should make her feel uncomfortable or less than her husband.

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    What exactly is a good wife?
    What you may consider to be a good wife might not be what your partner considers a good wife to be. Similarly, your friend may have other ideas, or your boss. It’s a personal view and something that doesn’t really have a wide set of so-called rules. But, we can generalize to give you an idea.

    What you should remember however is that in order to be a good wife, you need to be happy and you need to always be yourself.

    A good wife respects her husband, and herself. [Read: Why you keep having the same fight and how to break out of the unhealthy cycle]

    Yet, many still believe the outdated idea that a wife should abide by her husband’s rules. She should know her husband’s needs and meet them and keep any issues in the marriage private. She should always look her best for her husband. That’s some 1920s stuff going on right there!

    When you initially look around online for the qualities of a good wife, you will see things like – shares your beliefs, selfless, attractive, and loves you unconditionally. This is an actual list of the so-called qualities of a good wife that’s commonly accepted.

    But honestly, not one of these things is an absolute requirement to be a good wife. These things do not make a good wife, they make a bad husband in many cases. [Read: The signs of a disrespectful husband that must not be overlooked]

    A good wife is a woman who loves her husband and feels comfortable and free in the marriage
    There are plenty of successful and happy marriages where a couple has differing religious beliefs. No one is selfless. And unconditional love is wildly dangerous. These things hold women up to an unattainable standard when there are no requirements of a good wife.

    A good wife is one who does her best and expects the best from her husband. It’s a two-way thing. A woman cannot and should not be a good wife to a man who doesn’t attempt to be a good husband to her. [Read: 17 qualities of a good husband and why these traits always stand out in a man]

    A good wife will demand respect from her husband and return that respect. She will have bad days where she needs more attention or space and will be there for her husband on his bad days too. She will be herself and be honest with her husband.

    A good wife is what works for that particular marriage. There is no firm definition of a good wife. Sure, she is respectful, loyal, and kind, but beyond that, wives and husbands will differ based on their relationship and what it needs. [Read: The secrets of a happy marriage that can make or break your romance]

    How to be a good wife – The things that make all the difference
    No one is perfect. Okay, maybe Mother Teresa was, maybe she wasn’t, who is to tell. So, what does a good wife look like?

    If you are asking how to be a good wife, there is a good chance that you think you aren’t good enough. But that’s very unlikely to be true. The fact that you’re looking at this feature shows that you have very good intentions, and want to know the traits that make a good wife.

    Take heart; the fact that you even care makes you pretty damn amazing.

    In truth, the biggest tip for how to be a good wife is just to try to breathe and take life as it comes. But then again, if that tip doesn’t give you all the information you need, here are a few more tips for how to be a good wife, whatever that is to you. [Read: How to be a good girlfriend – 27 ways to make a man love you more than ever!]

    1. Take a breath
    It is hard to not freak out when the kids are running around, the house is a mess, you are late for a meeting, and your husband can’t be bothered with what you have going on. The thing is that anyone would freak out in your shoes.

    If you want to know how to be a good wife, give yourself a break and take a breath before reacting. It is typically when we are in the heat of battle that we snap, and the most likely candidate to get the brunt is the guy we said “I do” to. [Read: 21 things men do that’ll turn any woman into a crazy girlfriend]

    2. Don’t think that marriage is a fairytale
    Most likely, if you are asking how to be a good wife, you have subscribed to the notion that there is such a thing. The notion of perfect is… not perfect.